Monday, November 18, 2013

Collecting emails of School teachers

Job Description:

In this job I have collected emails of School teachers and PTO person's emails of Elementary schools from many US schools districts.

The original job post was "I am looking for someone to do research into US school websites to find email addresses of people who are relevant to our business.

1. Use the list of US schools - google each districts web site.
2. Go to each site - go to each elementary of primary school site
3. Look at menu for Staff/Faculty/Directory and get all teacher email addresses and names
4. Enter into an excel doc"
 So I first I collected the list of school district for each of the state and then went to their websites.From the school list I collected the Elementary schools and emails of teachers.The preference was to collect emails of teacher of Grade 3.

I gave her a lots of emails per hour.So she was happy with my work.


Client's Feedback:  "He did great work and was very quick. When there were questions he asked them rather than just guessing therefore the quality of work was always high."

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