Monday, November 18, 2013

Web Scraping of Attorneys from Law Firm websites

Job Description:

Here I built a database of Attorneys from different law firm from  Denver area.I have went through these websites and collected all attorneys and paralegals contact details.Some time I played my tricks to speed up the process.I did this manually,but the amount of output was high.And at the end he was very happy with the results.You can easily learn from the his comment below.


Client's Feedback:  "I give a lot of credit to Shahadath for completing the project because it was laborious and it would have been easy to resign early. But not only did he complete it to my satisfaction but he communicated well when there were twists. Much of the time it involved my feedback and decision and for that I think he really made his mark with me. He easily could have made a decision but it could have been costly in time and effort.

I would hire him again and would recommend working with him. He's clearly experienced working on projects and brings a high-level of communication that I appreciated.

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