Sunday, December 29, 2013

Email Researcher Needed to Research on E-commerce Merchants in Europe and Asia

Job Description:

In this job I was working for The Paypers.  Below is the job description given by them.

"The Paypers is currently looking to expand our database of e-commerce merchants in Europe and Asia. Therefore we are looking for accurate researchers who can generate reliable leads of the most important e-commerce merchants in various European and Asian countries.

Types of Contacts Needed:
-  CFO, COO, Chief Marketing Director
- Head of payments & fraud (head of payments)
- Head of Ecommerce
- Head of logistics

All the names found must be listed in an excel sheet in columns:
Name of the company, First name /  last name /  function / country and most important e-mail address.
- an excellent net surfer
- experience with finding contact details (email addresses) within companies.

How to research:
1. Add contact persons and their email addresses to the list of companies provided by The Paypers.
2. You can search the web, linkedin, twitter etc.

Candidates may be locally based or working internationally. Knowledge of local languages is key for some countries."

What I did. 


 All these given e-commecre merchants were from UK, Netherlands, Denmark,  Austria, Germany, Finland, France, Norway, Poland, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden, Turkey, Spain. So I have to work with different non-English websites. My previous experience helped me a lot to work with this non-English websites.

I have used LinkedIn as my primary source to find people  responsible for following positions.

√ CMO/Marketing Director or similar
√ Person Responsible for E-commerce 
√ Person Responsible for Logistic
√ Business development Director
√ Director Regional
Person Responsible for Payments
Person Responsible for Fraud/Risk

I use these names to determeine the potential emails by using common email formats and used and Boolean search to find out emails. Then I use and Rapportive to verify emails. 

For some companies I couldn't find all the person. But as usual I always give 100% valid contact info. So they were happy with my delivered works. They appreciate my work as all the emails were valid.

It was really a challenging an interesting job. I always like this kind of contact info collecting job. Will help you too in this kind of job. Let's discuss.................


Client's Feedback:  "Great job, thanks. "

Screenshot of The Job :

Email List


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