Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Google Map River Search

Job Description:

Mr. Paul Adams sell  building cooling service that uses river, canal or lake for natural cooling instead of aircon. He gave me a list of  about 600 postcodes/addresses. He wanted someone to look at each postcode in Google maps to see if there is a river within 500m or so, then needed to mark that address in the Excel spreadsheet. 

So I take each of the postcodes and then search on Google maps to locate the location. Then I had a close look on the place to see if there is any river/canal within 500m. Then I mark them on the spreadsheet. 

I was enjoying the work. Because I always love to work on Google Maps. I completed the task within 2 days. Mr. Paul was very happy with the outcome of the job.

Client's Feedback:  "Excellent work. Asked a really good clarifying question before he started. Will use again"

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Screenshot of The Job :

Google Map

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