Thursday, December 19, 2013

Research & FInd E-Mail Addresses for List of Hotels in Germany

Job Description:

Carolanne Donovan wanted to have contact information of Hotels in Germany. She had a spreadsheet that has all the information like hotel name, address,city etc. She just wanted a contact email other than generic emails like info@......sales @.........etc.
Though it was tough to find out the contact person and emails as I couldn't find most of them on LinkedIn. I searched on Google as well as their website and then used different email  verification tool like Mailtester,com, Rapportive etc to verify the emails.

At the end I could give most of the personal emails. And she was very happy with the result and assigned me to a new job with the third list which is for Austria, Switzerland, Romania.


Client's Feedback:  "Shahadath has been great to work with. This was the second project we hired him for and plan to hire him for many more! He produces great work and adheres to deadlines."

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List of Hotels in Germany

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