Sunday, February 9, 2014

Generation of Names and Email Addresses for Marketing Campaign

Here I have built a mailing list for marketing campaign. My client is a small food manufacturer in Australia. They have generated an excel list of categories/companies to target. They wanted to have contact details for following person from each of these companies.

He would like 3 email addresses that are Australian Contacts who are
connected to the Food component of the business under:
- General Manager (or CEO if there is no GM)
- Marketing/Sales Director or similar
- People responsible for Food Purchasing or similar (e.g. Food Procurement Manager, Food Purchasing Manager, National Food Buyer, National Food Service Manager).

What I did. 

 I have built a database using LinkedIn as my primary source. First I locate each of these person from each companies. Then I used my own tricks to find their emails and validate them using two tools. Now finding emails for almost all is easy for me. Sometimes I also use few paid directories like Jigsaw,Zoominfo etc.

At the end I delivered the database with following information for each executives.

√ First Name
√ Last Name
√ Job Title
√ Work Email
√ Work Phone (company main phone not available)
√ Company Physical Address
LinkedIn Profile URL of the person     

 At the end client was very happy for it.

I always like this kind of mailing list building job. Do you need something like it? Let's discuss !

Client's Feedback: "Thanks again Shahadath. Pleasure to work with you. Looking forward to more work in the future!"

 Screenshot of The Job :

Mailing_List, Email_List


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