Sunday, June 8, 2014

My Experience in Recruitment Sourcing

Shahadath Hossain

I have worked on several contracts to find candidates for their job opening. These were mostly LinkedIn based. I have worked several times for RD Worldwide Staffing and also other clients.  This staffing & search agency focuses on Automotive sectors. So I had to find two people from large Automotive companies in the USA.

First, I got the full details of the search and the requirements of passive candidates who would be a great fit for their job opening.

To source people with specific skills, experience I search on search engines (mainly on Google). Usually I create a Boolean String to bring profiles from the web pages mainly from LinkedIn. Boolean searching helps me to X-ray potential candidate’s profile. Also sometime I perform searches directly on LinkedIn to find out them. Then I visit each profile to see  if that profile matches the criteria or not. If it matches, then I pick that person and then I source their contact details so that my client can contact him/her for the new opportunity. Then I find their resume. If the person has a detailed LinkedIn profile then I use that as a resume. If LinkedIn profile is not up to date or lack of detailed information then I again search using different searched to find a resume for the person.

I deliver work on required format asked by my client. Generally, I make an excel sheet or gather resume with the information like Company, Name, Title, Email, Phone, LinkedIn, and other relevant information for the job opening. Also deliver pdf, word doc for each person.

Md. Shahadath Hossain

Have sourced candidates for Software Engineer, Sales Director, Tier Development Engineer, Design Managers etc.

So if you need a sourcer to perform a search to find passive candidates, then get in touch.


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