Shahadath is the perfect example of why the world should embrace outsourcing. He provided a fantastic service to our company, delivered on-time results and the quality of work was beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend Shahadath to any sales or marketing team looking for support in finding quality info on leads.

Ross Wallace, Oomph - Simply Smart Tablet Publishing

I give a lot of credit to Shahadath for completing the project because it was laborious and it would have been easy to resign early. But not only did he complete it to my satisfaction but he communicated well when there were twists. Much of the time it involved my feedback and decision and for that I think he really made his mark with me. He easily could have made a decision but it could have been costly in time and effort.

I would hire him again and would recommend working with him. He's clearly experienced working on projects and brings a high-level of communication that I appreciated.

Peter Smith, Apela Business Services

I have just completed by second project with Shahadath. He is extremely courteous, conscientious, and dependable. I believe he takes great pride in his work and strives for an outstanding delivery. I will most definitely direct future projects to Shahadath, and would give him a great recommendation. 
Michael Kell, Analytica Connections, Inc.

 Shahadath was able to complete this task in weeks for something that I had originally anticipated would take months.  He was able to deliver research on items that I was not able to completely specify in advance, which was definitely appreciated.  This work was done to help lay some foundations for a new social media site, and to help ensure that it would be able to integrate with many other websites in the future.

I gave the exact same task to six different contractors, and this one performed the task the best out of all of them. He was very thorough and complete; very much appreciated! Great communication. Accurate work. Very satisfied.

David Beroff , Author- Turn Funny Emails Into CASH!

Shahadath was extremely professional and reliable. He talked to me everyday on Google Chat. He delivered the product I asked for and in the time-frame I asked for it. I haven't yet made full use of the product, but preliminary results suggest that it of the quality I am looking for. I hope you don't hire him, because I will probably use him again for future list building work.

Ryan RiehlMarketing and Communications Specialist, Helping Up Mission

Shahadath did a great job for us. Much quicker then expected he got the job done. His communication is good, he is very quick, always available and pro-active. Would def hire him again.
He did an email research & data entry job for us. Nice work Shahadath; thank you!

Tamara van Leeuwen , Transactives

Really great work by Shahadath! He hit the ground running AND made sure to communicate all questions to me along the way. A seamless and pain-free experience. Will definitely call on him again.

# Another great experience with Shahadath. Highly recommend him.

 Jeff Craven, Independent B2B Copywriter


 Shahadath delivered excellent results (more than specified) and completed the project a week ahead of schedule.  I will be using him again for the next phase.

# Another excellent quality job by Shahadath. Delivered before my deadline and with additional contacts, just in case they were needed.

 Neal McCrea, UK

 Shahadath did a great job!  He sent me the spreadsheet each day as he was working on it so that I could monitor progress and give feedback.  Finished the project one day early on an already tight timeline.  Very impressed.  Great job!

— Stephanie Hansen, Bravelets

Shahadath was great to work with. He got me the data I needed within a day, was communicative the whole time and took directions very well. I certainly hope to hire him again in the future.

 Tara Barnes, Public Relations Manager, Peaceable Kingdom

Shahadath handled a massive email administrative task I've been avoiding for months in just a few days. He communicates well and promptly, works diligently, and I'm happy with the result. I will definitely - without a doubt - work with him again.

Christina Outlay, FITScholar.com

Md. Shahadath Hossain did a fantastic job with the task we gave him! If we have similar work in the future, I will go directly to him.

#This is the second time we've hired Md. Shahadath Hossain, and he once again did some great work very quickly. Would definitely consider hiring Md. Shahadath Hossain again.

Lucas Firmino, O'Rourke Hospitality Marketing

He did great work and was very quick. When there were questions he asked them rather than just guessing therefore the quality of work was always high.

Molly Levitt, BrightLoop

Been using Odesk for quite a while now and this Contractor is the real ideal. Very professional and fast and provides excellent work! Five Stars all around!

Justin Oriel, Garment Machinery Company

Shahadath did a great job collecting data for us. I especially appreciated that he communicated very effectively about different issues and potential obstacles.

Anita Brede, uLabs Ventures

Great help, understood the requirements and took initiative to achieve objectives without much of my support!  Would use again.

Adam Signaigo, CEO @ ModalMinds, Inc

Thank you very much for completing the project as required and at lightning fast pace. I added a little extra as a token of my appreciation.
Thanks again.

Julio Brenes, Cesars Golf Shop & Rentals

The only reason I ended this contract was to re-hire Shahadath at a higher rate. He is worth every penny!

# An outstanding worker who understood exactly what was needed and fulfilled the requirements of the job perfectly. I would have no hesitation recommending him and will definitely hire him again when the next contract is ready.

Richard Smart, Capital Management Services

 He did a wonderful job for me once again. He always delivers very accurate work in a timely fashion. You can tell he is dedicated to the quality of his work. Does quality work and always has great communication. Shahadath is an absolute pleasure to work with and I hope to hire him again in the future. Has a great understanding of the task and is always keeping me up to date.

Christopher Griffin, Finder411

Great work from Shahadath, asked questions when necessary and adjusted accordingly. Great communication skills as well, would hire again.

Jan Roos, Vitality Sciences LLC

             To all of my Clients - Thanks for your Feedback! It means a lot to Me.